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Labs: Salvage, then remove volumes on labstores' raid6
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Once the fsck of store/now is complete, inspect the resulting filesystem to recover files requested by endusers then remove the remaining volumes that live on the raid6 shelves.

Subtasks of this task for individual recovery requests.

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All but one user request has been satisfied, but we need to keep the broken filesystem around until we are done with an ongoing copy to labstore2001.

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This is now only pending on the copy to labstore2001 (in progress, from labstore1002) is list of files that are irretrievably corrupted.

As an important caveat, those are the files for which no data can be recovered, but is not an exhaustive list of possibly damaged files (in particular, files that were being actively written to at and near the time of the crash are often cross-linked with each other in such a way that blocks from both can be read from them). Any log file is automatically suspect, for instance.

coren added a project: Labs-Sprint-105.

Since there is now a copy to recover files from, removing the dependency now and asploding the broken filesystem.

raid6 is dead, long live raid10