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Investigate Ubuntu fork of ttf-indic-fonts and bring it in Jessie
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From T95002#1178354

That said, ttf-indic-fonts (or fonts-indic) in Ubuntu seems forked :( We should examine the differences to reach parity.

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We should examine the differences to reach parity.

For some background, see comment 10 and later.

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so it looks like there were space considerations in Ubuntu for forking the fonts, for jessie I think we're fine with installing fonts-indic since it is a superset, specifically Depends: fonts-beng, fonts-deva, fonts-gujr, fonts-guru, fonts-knda, fonts-mlym, fonts-orya, fonts-pagul, fonts-taml, fonts-telu

fonts-indic should be fine (I know I'm late to comment but, still).