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Geohack should be mobile friendly
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Description does not render nicely on a mobile display.

I do not know who maintains this but it should be adjusted for mobile rendering.

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Maybe replacing Geohack with Extension:MapSources could solve this?

I think it is more useful to replace it with Extension:MapSources (NB: Capital S, Extension:Mapsources is mine and similar, but different). That is already deployed on the WMF cluster for Wikivoyage.

This extension effectively already is Geohack's code wrapped in a MediaWiki extension. It needs some updates and maybe enhancing to support the features that have been added to Geohack since, but IMHO the way to proceed on this matter.

Sample url:
@Thogoiter thanks for the suggestion. Yes, potentially that could be a suitable replacement, but it too suffers from not being mobile friendly and would need to be optimised for mobile screens. The map should be the most prominent thing here when parameters have been given, not the form and the map requires scrolling. Are there bugs open for that?

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I think we should migrate GeoHack to <maplink> - T137253 - which already has a good support for mobile devices. For example, see this page on a mobile device, and click "more details" once the map opens. I don't think there is an easy way to fix existing geohack for mobile, nor is there a reason to do it. If there is, we should try to migrate that reason to the new maps as well :)

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