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Create Lua tag
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I'd like to propose creating a Lua tag to track tasks regarding converting templates into Lua (or rewriting Lua modules). See for instance tasks blocking T89594.

Note that there also exist projects MediaWiki-extensions-Lua and MediaWiki-extensions-Scribunto.

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Hmm,if the intention of the tag is to "only" track conversion or rewrites, then "Lua" as a tag name might be too broad?

On the other hand a general "Lua" tag would allow people who know the Lua language to find tasks to work on easily. Would that mean that all (or most?) tasks under MediaWiki-extensions-Lua and MediaWiki-extensions-Scribunto should also have this tag, or even set up an automatic global Herald rule to add that new generic Lua tag?

Would love to hear more opinions of the Lua community here!

My first reaction is "we track on-wiki stuff in phab?" But maybe we do.

It's already confusing that we have a "Lua" extension along with Scribunto.
If we dump everything in either of those into the tag it would be a
hopeless muddle. And many Scribunto tasks at least need PHP code as much as

This is a request for tracking on-wiki tasks in Phabricator.
I admit I'm not a huge fan of it if there is no clear buy-in from several community members to actually use Phabricator, create such tasks, and triage tasks by associating that project to those tasks.
Please see related discussion in T85433 and T1238. I'm tempted to decline this request for the time being, but if there is larger Lua script community buy-in, please provide some links. :)

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Closing this report as no further information has been provided.

Please feel free to reopen this report if you can provide the information asked for in the previous comment. Thanks!