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Publish File_Ogg as a composer package
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We killed the PEAR dependency and module of File_Ogg with

We should probably republish it as a composer package.

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Seems ours has diverged from upstream...

Should we just get them to publish it to packagist?

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I'll take this on, was looking at making some fixes anyway. @tstarling can you set me up as a maintainer for Pear/File_Ogg and I'll try and get it synced with our inline version and set up with Composer?

Work in progress retooling some of the old code to be namespace & PSR-4 autoloader friendly on my work fork branch: Also merged the fix for certain cut-off positions, and removed the PEAR_Exception dependency.

@tstarling can you set me up as a maintainer for Pear/File_Ogg


Ok current status on this -- I need to pick up my modernize branch from and finish reworking it for PSR-4 so it's autoloader-friendly and composer-friendly.

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