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Many Battlestar wikis are broken
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Only the English and German wikis are working correctly.

The other languages ('fr', 'zh', 'es', 'ms', 'tr', 'simple') all return errors on loading the main page.

Warning: mysql_query() [function.mysql-query]: Unable to save result set in /usr/www/users/bsgwiki/common/w/includes/db/DatabaseMysql.php on line 16
Database error
A database query syntax error has occurred. This may indicate a bug in the software. The last attempted database query was:

    (SQL query hidden)

from within function "MessageCache::loadFromDB(simple)". Database returned error "126: Incorrect key file for table './bsgwiki_simple/revision.MYI'; try to repair it (localhost)".

Warning: mysql_query() [function.mysql-query]: Unable to save result set in /usr/www/users/bsgwiki/common/w/includes/db/DatabaseMysql.php on line 16
MediaWiki internal error.

Exception caught inside exception handler (slightly functional)

Erreur de la base de données
Une erreur de syntaxe de la requête dans la base de données est survenue. Ceci peut indiquer un bogue dans le logiciel. La dernière requête traitée par la base de données était :

    (Requête SQL cachée)

depuis la fonction « User::checkNewtalk ». La base de données a renvoyé l’erreur « 126 : Incorrect key file for table './bsgwiki_fr/user_newtalk.MYI'; try to repair it (localhost) ».

Warning: mysql_query() [function.mysql-query]: Unable to save result set in /usr/www/users/bsgwiki/common/w/includes/db/DatabaseMysql.php on line 16
Ralat pangkalan data
Ralat sintaks pertanyaan pangkalan data telah terjadi. Ini mungkin menandakan pepijat dalam perisian wiki ini. Pertanyaan pangkalan data yang terakhir ialah:

    (Pertanyaan SQL disorokkan)

daripada fungsi "MessageCache::loadFromDB(ms)". Pangkalan data memulangkan ralat "126: Incorrect key file for table './bsgwiki_ms/revision.MYI'; try to repair it (localhost)".

Veritabanı hatası
Veritabanı sorgu sözdizimi hatası oluştu. Bu yazılımdaki bir hatadan kaynaklanabilir. "Block::load" işlevinden denenen son sorgulama:

    (SQL gizli sorgu)

. Veritabanının rapor ettiği hata "126: Incorrect key file for table './bsgwiki_tr/ipblocks.MYI'; try to repair it (localhost)".

(tr has some pages working ok. e.g. and



来自函数“Title::loadRestrictions”内。数据库返回错误“126: Incorrect key file for table './bsgwiki_zh/page_restrictions.MYI'; try to repair it (localhost)”。

The English and German sites have interwiki links to these other wikis, e.g. links to the Chinese language site.

This presents quite a problem, as we can not simply remove these codes from the family file, otherwise interwiki tools will fail to recognise these interwikis correctly, and we can not put them in Family.obsolete (recently split into Family.interwiki_removals and Family.interwiki_replacements) otherwise interwiki tools with recognise them as interwikis and remove them.

We would need to check with the community whether they want these interwikis removed, as they may be in the process of restoring/rebuilding the other language wikis.

If the community does not want the interwikis removed, we need to either

  1. add a new Family data attribute to hold codes which are interwikis and that should be ignored (and implement that), or
  2. fix the problems relating to loading interwikis crashing if the server's API cant be accessed and used.

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We have a response via facebook:

Those Wikis have been taken off line as there is no interest them to justify their continued existence.

It looks like the wikis were disabled some time between May and August 2014.

fwiw, the interwikimap still includes these languages

<?xml version="1.0"?>
      <iw prefix="4400" url="$1" />
      <iw prefix="amazon" url="$1" />
      <iw prefix="bs" language="Bosanski" url="$1" />
      <iw prefix="bsp" url="$1" />
      <iw prefix="de" local="" language="Deutsch" url="$1" />
      <iw prefix="en" local="" language="English" url="$1" />
      <iw prefix="es" local="" language="Español" url="$1" />
      <iw prefix="ew" url="$1" />
      <iw prefix="FlashGordonWiki" url="$1" />
      <iw prefix="fr" local="" language="Français" url="$1" />
      <iw prefix="frakr" url="$1" />
      <iw prefix="hb" local="" url="$1" />
      <iw prefix="IMDB" url="$1" />
      <iw prefix="Lostpedia" url="$1" />
      <iw prefix="m-w" url="$1" />
      <iw prefix="md" local="" url="$1" />
      <iw prefix="MemoryAlpha" url="$1" />
      <iw prefix="MetaWikiPedia" url="$1" />
      <iw prefix="ms" local="" language="Bahasa Melayu" url="$1" />
      <iw prefix="props" local="" url="$1" />
      <iw prefix="rc" url="$1" />
      <iw prefix="Scifipedia" url="$1" />
      <iw prefix="simple" local="" language="Simple English" url="$1" />
      <iw prefix="SW" url="$1" />
      <iw prefix="tr" local="" language="Türkçe" url="$1" />
      <iw prefix="w" url="$1" />
      <iw prefix="Wikipedia" url="$1" />
      <iw prefix="Wookieepedia" url="$1" />
      <iw prefix="zh" local="" language="中文" url="$1" />

"bs" looks like it isnt supposed to be an inter language interwiki ; is a redirect to , which doesnt load.

I wonder what was supposed to be; hb isnt a lang code. just shows English..? also doesnt load.

Does #wikiteam have recent dumps of these wikis? suggests that some of these wikis, eg zh and fr, were quite decent wikis, and gives last sample dates which are more recent.

Can't find:
Seems lost. :/ Asking a dump from the sysadmin would be nice.

According to Battlestar_Wiki:Interwiki:

  • props is "BS Props Wiki"
  • hb is "Hangerbay (Test) Wiki"

And shows props was "Welcome to the Battlestar Props Wiki, A collaborative catalog of the props of the Battlestar Galactica sagas. — 119 articles —"

This facebook posts says Spanish and Chinese were unavailable in January 2014.

The Battlestar Wiki:Interwiki also says:

"These happen on each of the pages that have interwiki links. However, let's say you are working on the German Wiki and you add interwiki links to a page that lead to a valid article name on other wikis, the Interwiki Bot automatically cross-references by reading the German article and adding the correct interwiki links on those other pages. This allows correct formatting of these links and keeps everything clean. To request the Interwiki Bot to run, contact Shane. "

And the Interwiki Bot page says "Hello. I am the InterBot makes corrections in Interwiki links between the languages. I am built using the pywikipediabot Python code. Though I have other functions, I am only going to be used for Interwiki-linking."

The last contributions by Interwiki Bot were in 2009, it was using compat, and the bot operator Shane was last active in 2010.

Ugh. It looks like German Battlestarwiki is also dying; recentchanges is not working

Change 223019 had a related patch set uploaded (by John Vandenberg):
Remove broken wikis from battlestarwiki family

Ugh. It looks like German Battlestarwiki is also dying; recentchanges is not working

As expected, many API calls on de.battlestarwiki fail with DBQueryError.

en.battlestarwiki tests run pending:

Change 223019 merged by jenkins-bot:
Remove broken wikis from battlestarwiki family

Can't find:
Seems lost. :/ Asking a dump from the sysadmin would be nice.

All my attempts to reach the sysadmins/senior chiefs via email (where they had public email addresses) have failed with mailer-daemon errors.
I've asked for dumps on facebook{%22tn%22%3A%22R%22}
And I've requested an account, so that I may use special:emailuser to contact people.

We may need to look to the sysops to obtain a decent communication channel with the sysadmins.

@Catrope is a sysop.
Two others might be reachable via special:emailuser on en.wp is likely the most active user on en.battlestarwiki appears to be is sysop

NOTE: A tr.battlestarwiki build is very interesting; it passes! due to all relevant tests being skipped due to exception trying to load the front page
pywiki: ERROR: TestAPIMWException: accessing caused exception:
pywiki: ERROR: 'utf8' codec can't decode byte 0xfc in position 8914: invalid start byte

Pywikibot fails to be able to startup on these wikis, as it needs siteinfo , and the Request class also adds userinfo with several uiprops to every meta request.

API error on siteinfo: simple and es

API error on siteinfo|userinfo (but each work OK separately): zh & ms

API error only on userinfo hasmsg: fr

API error only on userinfo blockinfo: tr

But if it could start up, could it fetch all content? Turns out, list=allpages works OK on all sites.

However, prop=revision fails on simple, zh and ms.

rvprop fails on es:

fr and tr serve real content, so we could theoretically create a backup dump using only list=allpages and prop=revisions.

Change 223883 had a related patch set uploaded (by Merlijn van Deen):
Remove broken wikis from battlestarwiki family

Change 223883 merged by jenkins-bot:
Remove broken wikis from battlestarwiki family

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