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Visualize audio files on file description pages
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With very few exceptions, all of our visual media (including videos and multi page pdf/djvu files) have at least some kind of thumbnailing/preview. Audio files don't. Adding a player with waveform display to the file description pages of audio files would have some advantages over the current solution:

  1. visual preview
  2. navigation: If you'd like to hear a certain section again, moving a cursor to a specific section of the waveform can be much easier than moving a little knob to a place on the time bar where you suspect the section you want to hear may start
  3. it looks way more professional that way ;-)

For reference, have a look at how it's being done at Now imagine you have the same file at Commons with our current player and you just want to hear the bird again – without the human voice at the beginning …

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Can be built on the {T100106: Replace Kaltura player with Video.js} work that I have in progress (although quite a bit away from finishing that). Anyway, I think it's a nice idea for File pages, but i'm not so sure about transclusions.

My question on this front would be.. How to deal with this for the users who don't want this ? I'd rather not see ten thousand options and dozens of plugins only used by very few people.

Yes, the idea was mainly for file description pages, and I can't really imagine anyone objecting to enable it there by default (but, just in case of flying pigs, an RFC at Commons might be a good idea).

Of course it doesn't make much sense to use something like this in galleries, categories, "in-line" or anywhere else where just a tiny thumbnail is shown. There might be cases where it would make sense to have this in an article, though (things like bird calls, en:White noise or en:Bloop). Maybe it could be triggered manually through something like


Or triggered indirectly when the specified thumbnail size exceeds a certain amount of pixels. Or an additional button in the player that, when clicked, works like when you click on a video in an article (new "window" overlayed on top of the surrounding content, showing the waveform view with the surrounding content darkened/greyed out).

In some cases, a Spectrogram might actually be more useful, so ideally the user could switch between those two ( has a button "change display" for that).

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