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sql dump schemata - page.page_no_title_convert should be removed
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  1. Problem

SQL dump files show the field: page.page_no_title_convert.
I think that this field was never a part of core. Even if it has once been a part of core, its function has been superseded by page_props.pp_propname.
Either way, the database schema in the sql dumps differs from maintenance/tables.sql.

  1. Requested action

Please remove this field from future sql dumps.

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A schema change is waiting: T86342
After dropping of the column in production the column will also be removed from the dumps, because the dumps just dumps all existing columns in the order of the tables.

The dumps represented the current state of the database, so it is possible to have other size or other order of columns due to outstanding database maintenance. This is not a problem in a relation database management system.