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  • 24 hr / 24 hr snacks
  • video
  • help with showcase
  • buddies
  • mediawiki 101 - T102238
  • phab 101 - T102195
  • help for newbies
  • unofficial social event

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Is this task the same as T91623: Opening plenary session at Wikimania 2015 Hackathon? If you just need a place to keep some public notes, you can use , although editing the description of T91523 would be totally appropriate.

Wow! How did you find this task anyways? Phab wizard.

I was mostly just putting these here as a place to keep a working ideas that come into my head about the opening session.
I did not want it to be "public" (meaning a place where people are directed to look at it)
however I did not care if it was in a place where some people might happen to see it
This is basically meant to be for my own benefit and nobody elses.

Wow! How did you find this task anyways? Phab wizard.

Some of us watch for tickets which specify no projects, because some people use them for things they actually want to get noticed (and don't understand that not listing any projects prevents Phabricator from being able to notify the relevant people).

You'being watched... :D

What Krenair said. Next time you have such need, just go for

  • Terry/Toby/Wes talk
  • CE help
  • different room Friday - Sunday also 24hr w/snacks
  • no photos, how to identify people + please don't take photos of them

make sure to say that it is best if the intro sessions are uploaded /online in advance of the showcase.

dinner update, provided on W night

Identify people who speak Spanish - ask Spanish speaker who are willing to help newcomers to raise their hands.