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nodepool users should have OpenStack env variables set on login
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The OpenStack utilities installed on nodepool can be configured via env variable to pass the tenant, user, password etc. It would be rather convenient to have the env variable to be loaded in the nodepool user profile.

At a minimum:


Will let us run openstack server list among others.

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We can probably use the puppet wmflibs function shell_exports:


  apache_run_user => 'apache',
  apache_pid_file => '/var/run/apache2/',


export APACHE_RUN_USER="apache"
export APACHE_PID_FILE="/var/run/apache2/"

Change 220444 had a related patch set uploaded (by Hashar):
nodepool: provide openstack env variables to system user

Change 220444 merged by Andrew Bogott:
nodepool: provide openstack env variables to system user

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/var/lib/nodepool/.profile is populated by puppet