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Investigation: Possibility for direct upload for (German) WLM via monument lists in Wikipedia with a predefined category
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This is in regard to the following stories:

As a WLM contester I would like to upload my image directly via monuments list where it’s missing so that I don’t need to go to the upload tool url.

As a WLM contester uploading an image via monuments lists I would like the tool to insert the proper category automatically so that I don’t need to write it down and insert it by hand afterwards.

For details see T103701

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General functionality

The Upload Wizard already allows to categorize by parameter. Several categories can be passed by separating them with the vertical bar/pipe character. The behaviour of the Upload Wizard can be configured with a campaign (commons uses the namespace "Campaigns" for this). The list id is defined as a custom field in WLM campaigns (see Template:Kulturdenkmal). It can also be given an initial value by using the fields parameter. While processing the request parameters, Upload Wizard is relying on the order of the fields.

The default categories defined per category are only set during the campaign period. We don't need to take care of that. Categories being passed as a parameter are always being set, though.

We need to create a template that takes three arguments to create a contextual link:

  • campaign=<CAMPAIGN_ID> (as defined in commons; e. g. wlm-de-by)
  • categories=<CATEGORY1|CATEGORY2> (should be one of the subcategories of Kategorie:Liste_(Kulturdenkmale_in_Deutschland)
  • fields[]=<LIST_ID> (as defined in the first column of the tables)

Updating entries of existing lists

To apply the functionality to all existing lists a bot needs to carry out a mass update for all lists in Kategorie:Liste_(Kulturdenkmale_in_Deutschland). The category consists of subcategories for each German state, which helps determining the correct category presets. Identifiers seem to differ per German state. While in Berlin the entries are identified by a list id, for items in Bavaria it is "Aktennummer". Maybe we should reach out to those maintaining the lists to find out about that. The tables on the pages seem to have a similar if not equal structure. Before bot editing, they should be analysed for exceptions, though.


In some cases there already is a link to a description page on how to upload images. Should this be replaced by our template or are we adding another?

The task for automatically inserting uploaded images into the tables might require another consecutive identifier, since there may be several entries using the same list ID.