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Empty message on watchlists is not center aligned.
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Visit Special:Watchlist when you have no pages in your watchlist.
The empty screen is not center aligned.

Screenshot 2015-06-19 17.33.28.png (668×2 px, 78 KB)

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Jdlrobson raised the priority of this task from to Needs Triage.
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Seems to be centering the content div, not text-align: center

Jdlrobson added a subscriber: Adishaporwal.

@Adishaporwal I have assigned you to make sure no one else works on this - but ideally we'd look to be fixing this by next Monday. Are you up for the challenge? We're all here to help you succeed!

@Jdlrobson Yes, I will try my best to fix this bug till Monday.

Awesome @Adishaporwal let us know how you are getting on and when you get stuck!

Change 233322 had a related patch set uploaded (by Adishaporwal):
Empty message on watchlist center aligned

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Change 233322 merged by jenkins-bot:
Empty message on watchlist center aligned

Congrats @Adishaporwal your first bug fix :) hopefully the first of many! Let us know if you are searching for more tasks to get you involved with the project :)

Yes I am interested on working on more tasks.

I want to participate in upcoming round of outreachy and want to contribute for wikimedia.

So do Extension: MobileFrontEnd has a project that can I choose for outreachy internship?
Can you suggest me some projects that I can work during outreachy upcoming round?

@Adishaporwal T98829 and T100467 would be good tasks to tackle if you have time!

Thanks @jldrobson I will try to fix these bugs asap.