Simple math doesn't display in proper style.
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Author: grendelkhan


:<math>(a) = ba - ab = 0</math>
:<math>a = ba - ab = 0</math>

<dd><span class="texhtml">(<i>a</i>) = <i>b</i><i>a</i> − <i>a</i><i>b</i> =

The variables aren't italicized or spaced properly; it doesn't mix well with
equations which are rendered correctly.

Version: unspecified
Severity: normal
OS: Linux
Platform: PC

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jeluf wrote:

This behavior can be changed using a user's preferences. The behavior is intended.

To display properly spaced multi line formulas, use:

(a) & = ba - ab =  0 \\
a   & = ba - ab =  0


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