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Vector's php-composer-test job is not running anything
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00:23:26 + /srv/deployment/integration/composer/vendor/bin/composer test
00:23:27 This version of the Vector skin requires MediaWiki 1.25+...
00:23:27 Time: 484ms; Memory: 15Mb
00:23:27 Finished: SUCCESS

This is because the composer autoloader is including Vector.php, which will die if the wfLoadExtension function does not exist (which it will not outside the context of MediaWiki...).

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Right, this was embarrassing.

I spent some time on #composer looking into this and talking to ethanol/alcohol, one of composer's developers.

The issue essentially is that since we put Vector.php into composer.json's autoload field, anything that requires vendor/autoload.php is going to also include Vector.php. Unfortunately, jakub-onderka/php-parallel-lint includes ../../autoload.php and so composer test just die()s. (Not sure if CodeSniffer requires it too.)

I think the easiest and most direct solution is the one ethanol suggested on IRC: check in Vector.php whether it is being executed in a CLI environment, and if it, then don't die. This seems okay because there is no common situation where Vector.php will be included in a CLI environment, except maybe in maintenance/eval.php.

If there's a different approach entirely that might be more suitable, we can discuss that here. In the meantime, I'll submit a patch.

Change 220725 had a related patch set uploaded (by Polybuildr):
Vector.php: Don't die on missing wfLoadSkin if in CLI environment

Change 220725 merged by jenkins-bot:
Don't autoload Vector.php using composer.json

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Change 221183 had a related patch set uploaded (by Paladox):
Don't autoload Vector.php using composer.json

Change 221183 abandoned by Paladox:
Don't autoload Vector.php using composer.json