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Sidebar links are not checked for existence
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Deleting Project:Site_support doesn't cause it to turn red in the
navigation links in the left panel on every page.

P.S., what's the blank line at the top of MediaWiki:Sidebar all about?

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ayg wrote:

Links in the sidebar are not checked for redlinkiness, no. Is there any reason
they should be?

robchur wrote:

(In reply to comment #0)

P.S., what's the blank line at the top of MediaWiki:Sidebar all about?

There...isn't one?

This is for performance and caching reasons. Since the rendered sidebar is
cached, it would be desirable to have a way to clear that cache when something
linked is created/deleted if redlinks are used; otherwise you'd get stuck with
bogus redlinks (which are much, MUCH more annoying than bogus bluelinks).

At the moment there's not really a good list of such; one could reparse the
sidebar on every page creation / deletion event to list, perhaps.

robchur wrote:

If Title::touchLinksTo() and the like invalidate the sidebar cache when called on the appropriate message page, which wouldn't be too hard, then we could call Linker::makeKnownLinkObj() when building the sidebar, provided we added appropriate entries to link tables to ensure cache coherency.

The primary complication is that we don't have the links recorded, as the sidebar itself is not a regular page. It's a _list_ of string keys which may be either indirect (localizable message keys) or direct (page titles or URLs).

Thehelpfulonewiki wrote:

Seems like intended behaviour, closing bug as won't fix.