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do not add wiki info to if they do not exist on labs dbs
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My Bot is using meta_p for getting a list of all available wiki. Currently many of my scripts are failing because gomwiki and lrcwiki are listed at but not available on labs (see T103794) . So in future please add those new wikis to after replication and host asliases are created. Alternativly a new boolean column which indicates if db access is available or not.

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The process that updates the metadata uses the global mediawiki-config repo as its source of authority, and I don't believe that there is a way of knowing in advance whether its contents have propagated. Because what is or isn't redacted is independently managed, I think it would be wisest to have any code that enumerates have guards against projects being there but not replicated.

That said, I'll look into adding a check after my return from Wikimania to avoid having early or unnecessary entries.

After inspection, it's not reasonable to make the insertion of entries into depend on factors outside the actual site configuration.

I think that the proper solution is to have any code that enumerates databases actually guard against a db being listed but not, in fact, available by checking the error when attempting to connect.