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French translation for CountEdits extension
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I've translated the Special:CountEdits function

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French Traduction

This patch must be applied on the following path :


Can you create an CountEdits extension for mediawiki. It seems that this
functionality is followed by dev.

I spoke about extensions list on bugzilla.

robchur wrote:

I suspect that this BugZilla component refers to extensions/Editcount, rather
than CountEdits, which is mine. I want to do a partial rewrite of CountEdits to
use class autoloading in a backwards-compatible fashion (Tim broke it for users
of older versions, and I know that there are such users) and to take advantage
of the user.user_editcount column which will be available in 1.9 and above.

I'll integrate these translations once that's done. Many thanks in advance.

No problem. Integrate it when you want

robchur wrote:

Applied in r18605.