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Upgrade phabricator to test the redesign for 2015
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Hi please update phabricator to use the redesign-2015 branch since it has lots of new features and a new look which looks better then black.

Link =

and because is using it. It must consider it stable.

And users could give them feedback before its too late for majour updates.

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I'll follow @mmodell's lead here, but we could also use a labs instance to give people a quick look? Or just point people upstream to poke around?

Also, I wouldn't consider upstream using something as meaning it is "stable". :)

Upstream has a stable branch now. That is what they consider stable. What they run on is bleeding edge. We are going to follow the stable branch, except where some cherry picking might make sense because of an upstream bugfix that affects us.

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Could the be upgraded to have the redesign. Since that could be for the test before it is put on phabricator on Wikimedia production. Meaning the redesign will be on phab-01 once phabricator pushes that to stable branch then we could upgrade Wikimedia production for phabricator.

That sounds like a good idea, but you probably want to use a different instance for this. imho, phab-01 should always be like the production server and use stable branch. But phab-02/phab-redesign or whatever could be using the redesign branch. Hopefully it's not hard to just spin up another instance and apply the puppet role.

Yes that is a good idea too. instead do something like or because before it is put on production phabricator if any spots any problems or new ideas to fix problems they could be reported.

@Dzahn How would you spin up another instance and apply the puppet role.

@Paladox An administrator in the project "phabricator" would click in Wikitech-UI to create a new instance, then click "configure" and select the same classes currently selected on phab-01 (should be just role::phabricator or similar). then login, run puppet and ideally that is all. if it's not, it would be good to write down what else is needed.

Ok thanks for reply. I will open a bug to do this.

It's trivial to spin up another instance, and yes I agree that phab-01 should remain like production, because I use that for testing production changes before rolling them out to the real phab server.