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Link or formatting codes in {{DISPLAYTITLE}} breaking as of MW1.9
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Author: carlb613

The uncyclopedia:pt: wiki at was using MediaWiki
1.8alpha and has just upgraded to MW 1.9 (current version from SVN). Pages which
used the {{DISPLAYTITLE}} and were working under MW 1.8 are now breaking, at
least if the titles contain any [[link]] or '''formatting''' codes.

What gets displayed is HTML source code for whatever should've been used to
generate the formatted text. Pages are appearing with titles that look like
<font color="red">Duque Slbenfica<sub>OBD</sub></font> instead of like the
formatted text that those codes would produce if rendered properly.
is a problem as that appears at the top of all of the individual Village Dump
(Botecó) pages throughout uncyclopedia:pt:ário Discussão:Slbenfica is another of the
affected pages.

Is there a way to fix these without either going to ugly .js hacks on
client-side or going back to MediaWiki 1.8?

Version: 1.9.x
Severity: normal
OS: Linux
Platform: PC
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ayg wrote:

{{DISPLAYTITLE}} has never really been supported very much, I don't think. I
don't know what in particular is causing this.

The display title should indeed not contain any links or formatting codes.