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Special:Gather/all/recent pagination is broken without JS
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After all the testing on T103496 we've noticed that with JS disabled the pagination on the collections list on /all/recent is broken because it redirects you to /all/public for the pages after the first one.

This is a use case not many people should encounter but we have to fix it.

This would entail using the $mode of a models\CollectionsList when constructing the views\CollectionsList's pagination button url.

Note: Test carefully without js Special:Gather/by/USERNAME Special:Gather/all/public and Special:Gather/all/recent. Pagination should work in all those 3 urls. See T103496 for how to create lots of collections to see the pagination.

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cc/ @NiharikaKohli If you want to touch a bit the php part of the Gather extension this should be an easy task and a follow up to the previous patches you've submitted.

Thanks a lot for your help!!

@Jhernandez, thanks! I'm trying to replicate the bug. Happy to help. Perfect learning opportunity. :)

Change 221132 had a related patch set uploaded (by Niharika29):
Fix broken pagination when JS is disabled

Change 221132 merged by jenkins-bot:
Fix broken pagination when JS is disabled

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Verified on BC on /all/recent, /all/public, and /by/Jdlrobson – Jdlrobson has a lot of test cases.