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[AG] UX: Create wireframes for Questionnaire
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This task is about creating wireframes for the questionnaire part of the tool. While creating, the following feedback of the Project Manager should be considered:

Important notices that accompany the questionnaire have to be shown, even if only a part of it.
The questionnaire option should be more prominently positioned on the site so that people feel encouraged to use it
The most important things should be on the left site (image on the right side)
Big images are preferable
Possibilities to copy the licence should be provided via several buttons (not one button)

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The attached wireframes are just about basic layout.

  • "Important Notes" container may change its height. Hence, that container should be vertically flexible without shifting any other container's position. (Nothing should be below that container.)
  • The image would always be centered vertically in the browser's viewport (scrolling...).
  • Not overwhelmed by the idea of aligning the image to the right as alignment of text block would be in disorder and important interaction is pushed too far off the center. The center is a more comfortable place for the eye to rest as one can monitor changes on the screen more easily, keeping in mind that this software has multiple stages instead of being one static page.

Thumbs up from the PM for aligning the image to the left.

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Exported results of for future reference: