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Build a simple tool to query which instances have which roles / puppet variables
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Currently this can be done via SMW but the interface is something I have never quite figured out. Should have a more yuvi friendly tool!

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I probably don't need to be subscribed to this ticket, but since I'm here: what do you mean by "confusing"?

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Edited to clarify.

Alright. :) By "interface", do you mean the mechanism for storing the data, or for querying it? If it's the latter, one possibly helpful feature is Semantic Forms' Special:RunQuery - it lets you create a form that serves as a GUI for running the specific query you need. You guys might be using that already, though. is a simple version I knocked up in a couple of hours which should do the job well once a couple more things get added to it :) Code at

Code at


Code at



Yes that's what I meant. sorry!

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The tool was built (and used :-)), but is no longer working due to changes in the backend; T150092 and T151522 cover that.