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Dead-end pages seems to be including non-deadend pages on enwiki
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A problem with the Dead-end pages has been discovered at Wikipedia as discussed here

Is there anyone working on remedying this situation who I can be put in touch with please?

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You are unlikely to attract anyone's attention by assigning things to @admin

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Could you provide examples of pages that shouldn't be on the list? Note that it's cached as stated above the page.

Thank you Krenair, and thank you Glaisher. Please note especially this part of the conversation which I posted above. An example of a page listed as dead-end is number 1 on the list which you can see is a working link. also number 2 and number 7 and many many more on the list. Hope this helps narrow down the problem.

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The Alternative Tea entry is correct - was a dead-end page. It has since been fixed, but that occurred after the given cache time (05:11, 23 June 2015 in UTC+1).
As was Arnaud Leclercq:
And Carnwath Farms Historic Site & Park:

All three examples by Bulgarios are invalid. Those pages really were dead ends when was cached 04:11, 23 June 2015.
I posted a series of real examples at

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Thank you for re-opening this task Krenair and my apologies Krenair for not realizing the cache does not update as quickly as I expected.

Many thanks to PrimeHunter for pointing out the other cases which illustrate the problem is real nonetheless.

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Please edit the task summary and replace "broken" by a description of the actual problem. "broken" can mean a lot of things. Thanks. :)

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