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Wikisource community survey 2015 (tracking)
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Done so far:

Needs to be done:

  • write invitation blog post, plus news of WsCUG approval
  • send mass message to top Wikisource contributors
  • track survey, close it in two weeks
  • analyze results
  • publish results

Event Timeline

I am creating a task in Phabricator to make more open the survey process. As announced in the mailing list, the survey can be found here:

Writing a blog post at the moment, might need some help reviewing the text and of course spreading the word when it is ready :)

Aklapper claimed this task.
Aklapper removed a project: Tracking-Neverending.

As this task is about the year 2015 I boldly assume that this either has been resolved or did not happen. I am going to close this task as part of housekeeping. @Micru: Feel free to set the status of this report back to "Open" via the Add Action...Change Status dropdown if someone still plans to work on this. Thank you!