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Install Dynamic Page List extension on Telugu Wikipedia
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The Telugu Wikipedia community need DPL extenstion to better manage the cooperation among the community members, as we currently use a template to capture all pages requiring assistance and display it on village pump. With DPL we will be able to show the date the request was made and that will help increase the focus on providing the assistance within the due date. This feature is successfully deployed on Telugu Wikisource and Telugu Wikipedia community also would like to use this. The community was aware of performance issues, if used on categories with large number of entries. It will take care to use this appropriately.


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Which specific problems would the community expect to see solved by installing that extension? (Also see e.g. T31596)

We have a feature where in talk pages requiring help (though the use of {{tl|helpme}} like template) are added to a maintainenace category ant then updated on village pump in a box, so that users can respond fast without the need to monitor recent pages/watchlists etc. When the problems are addressed, the template is changed to reflect the same and those pages are added to another maintainance category(through template code). If people would like to like at the previous help requests, the current category display only presents alphabetical order. With DPL, we would be able to order the entries as per date of resolution. This also helps us analyze the help requests over time and make reports about the usefulness of the feature.

I have reviewed the referred bug. As Telugu wikipedia is small, I think the performance won't be a problem and the feature would help the community. If the performance problems really become severe. we will request for removal.

Change 285009 had a related patch set uploaded (by Urbanecm):
Enable DynamicPageList extension on tewiki

I amended the commit to T133032 with this bug number too so the gerrit change is here too.

Oh, thanks for the update. I see we had an edit conflict on Gerrit. So to process duplicates, here the procedure:

  • close the most recent tasks as duplicates (go to the oldest bug and use merge duplicates in option)
  • edit the task description to include a summary of any new information information given in the ticket (that's cleaner than a See ...): example for here.
  • reference only the initial task to centralize discussion in one venue (as per the previous step, all is here)

Change 285009 abandoned by Urbanecm:
Enable DynamicPageList extension on te.wikipedia

T124841 won't be done in soon future, so abandoning till this will be done.

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