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Simple method to have a per-project debian repository
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Currently people use labsdebrepo which is a file based repository on NFS. Find an alternative that does not depend on NFS.

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Having a simple to use aptly role might be an answer?

Only requirement is that it's easy to add new packages and has super low overhead.

Change 230375 had a related patch set uploaded (by Yuvipanda):
aptly: Add module simple role

Change 230375 merged by Yuvipanda:
aptly: Add module simple role



  1. Setup role::aptly on a 'server' instance. The default name is $project-packages, but you can override this by setting (via hiera) role::aptly::client:servername.
  2. Apply role::aptly::client across all instances in your project.

To add a new package, on the aptly server:

  1. sudo aptly repo add <repo-name> <package-file> where repo name is by default $distribution-project (eg. jessie-tools, jessie-ores, etc)
  2. sudo aptly publish update repo <repo-name>

Tada! :)

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