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Load test parallel eventlogging-processor {stag} [5 pts]
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load test eventlogging-processor again, on analytics1004 for similarity with previous test

  • replicate previous load test but reading from kafka with a single processor worker first
  • new load test - read in a group from kafka

This will give us the number of instances to use in puppetization T104228

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Using a the 12 partition eventlogging-client-side raw events topic, I consumed from the beginning of a stream and benchmarked how many messages could be consumed in 60 seconds with different numbers of processors.

Using 1 processors, processed 74003 events in 60 seconds: 1233.3833333333 events/sec
Using 2 processors, processed 138269 events in 60 seconds: 2304.4833333333 events/sec
Using 3 processors, processed 207107 events in 60 seconds: 3451.7833333333 events/sec
Using 4 processors, processed 262497 events in 60 seconds: 4374.9500000000 events/sec
Using 5 processors, processed 313429 events in 61 seconds: 5138.1803278688 events/sec
Using 6 processors, processed 367372 events in 60 seconds: 6122.8666666666 events/sec
Using 7 processors, processed 420120 events in 60 seconds: 7002.0000000000 events/sec
Using 8 processors, processed 459191 events in 60 seconds: 7653.1833333333 events/sec
Using 9 processors, processed 512946 events in 60 seconds: 8549.1000000000 events/sec
Using 10 processors, processed 535246 events in 60 seconds: 8920.7666666666 events/sec
Using 11 processors, processed 571141 events in 60 seconds: 9519.0166666666 events/sec
Using 12 processors, processed 611524 events in 60 seconds: 10192.0666666666 events/sec

The code I ran is here:

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