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OOUI should have a mediawiki.ui-compatible skin for dialogs
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This is how the OAuth authentication form looks with JS disabled (ie. falling back to a PHP-generated HTML form - whether with plain HtmlForm or OOUIHtmlForm as in 201230 does not make much difference):

This is compatible with how other MediaWiki forms/interfaces look and with the style guide for buttons.

This is how it looks with JS enabled, using the OOUI MessageDialog (via 201230):

The button layout is completely alien from the rest of MediaWiki, even though the classes generated on the buttons are the same.

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I'm completely lost. Why on Earth are you using a MessageDialog if you want a page-level flow?

By definition, OOUI's MediaWiki theme is meant to replace MWUI, and so is 'compatible'.

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Not sure what you mean by page-level flow. This is how the authentication page looks:

In terms of control flow this could be called a normal page (there is just a form with some buttons; if you click any of the buttons, the form is submitted and you are redirected) but it looks like a message dialog (and is in fact implemented with one, but using a heavily customized jQuery UI, which we want to get rid of).

This is in line with the design guidelines of button styling and intention colors (I am linking to the mw.ui living styleguide because the other one is broken but they look very similar). The OOUI MessageDialog is not.

@matmarex recommended creating a custom Dialog subclass for OAuth, which is probably something necessary anyway, because the final design is supposed to be a lot more complex (F115139 - ignore the part where it is its own weird page thing). So this task is not really relevant for OAuth anymore. It would still be good IMO if MessageDialog had the same button styles that everything else has.

Created T113099 for the OAuth use case (hopefully with a less confusing description, sorry about that).

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