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Watchlist thoughts
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@Matanya reported that, since converting his talk page to Flow, "people came over to complain they can't follow the page anymore"

I tried & was able to watchlist his board. I can see entries in Special:Watchlist: 1 about changing the header, 2 about both of the topics that have been created there.

However: I don't see anything about the replies. One has to manually watchlist topics to see changes inside topics (like replies).
IIRC, we did so because people were complaining about notification spam for every new reply in a board they're watching.
Does that also apply to Special:Watchlist, or do we still want to see everything (including replies) on a board you're watching, even if you don't go out and subscribe to the topic?

Another curiosity: in Special:Watchlist, if there are multiple things about a topic (new-topic, replies, ...), we'll only show the last one. I'm also not sure if that's still something we want.
It looks like data is missing. And if people really want to see less entries, we support grouped RC.

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I have collected some feedback locally. I'll create separate tickets for separate issues.

As for notifications, this is clear. People want to be notified when they are mentioned, not more than that, and clearly not on edits by other on a thread or new topics and such, they use the watch list for such cases.

In the words of a user: "notification 'forces' me to see what i am missing, and then i find out it is something not related to me, this is disappointing".

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It is interesting to note i had 252 followers before converting to flow, and now i dropped to 197. Something tells me it is related to echo and notifications.

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You're right, that is very interesting. It's good evidence that we should move up the watchlist/Echo work that we need to do. I'm glad you posted about it.

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