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Improve the mailman/listinfo directory
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(notes from a retired trello board)

Improve the design of to give more control over what is shown.

Possible improvements:

  • Sort lists by activity/subscribers
  • Group lists by language/project/role
  • Hide or separate private internal lists
  • Hide inactive lists by default

See also, improvements made to the individual list pages, via T63283: Prettify default theme/skin of mailman's listinfo pages and

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Unfortunately this is not possible unless Wikimedia maintains its own mailman package and modifies the source code as that page is generated via Python and not a single html template as the example pointed out.

See for the source code of that page.

Also that is un compiled. In order to change it, be auses it is pure Python - you'll need to rewrite that part of mailman, compile it and then convince an op to put it on apt.wm.o and so on. In sort - it is possible but not preferred and likely won't have people (especially ops) gunning for it. Better to wait the while for mailman 3 to get into upstream and have a coordinated plan to upgrade or that - which has a nice design because it wasn't written pre 2000!

It's possible to hide lists from that already, but that's not an improvement.

  • everything John already said, the HTML templates don't really help because it's Python
  • there is no real defintion of "inactive" ("by default" would mean you have some kind of objective criteria what inactive means), but if it is really inactive a list admin can easily hide it from that overview with a single mouse click.
  • re: hiding / separating "private" lists. What exactly does "private" mean here? Did you mean that it's hidden from the listinfo overview? Or that not everybody can subscribe witout being confirmed? That the archives are private? All of the above? Also, we have policies that say we do NOT want to hide the mere existence of lists.
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I was just copying the details from a retired trello board, in order to make it properly closable (as part of T832). (specifically which was a very old experiment with making trello slightly more accessible to non-wmf staff, and not utilized much.)
My hope was that there were some possibilities within the general idea, that could be improved upon.

(I could see that mailman directory as being potentially better than m:Mailing_lists/Overview if it offered some sort of additional benefits, such as: auto-updating description-blurbs, and autoupdating subscriber counts, and some sort of 'activity' metric to give people a hint without necessitating clicking through to 3 or 4 random recent archives, and sorting by language OR project (some of which is achievable via wikitable....))

Anyway, Thanks for the details/input. I'll mark this task as declined. :-)