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Link Previews MK2
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Definition Progress

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  • Summary
  • Rationale
  • Success Metrics
  • External Dependencies
  • Unknowns
  • Product Plan
    • Prototyping
    • MVP
    • User stories
    • User Story Phab Tickets
    • Metrics Implementation
    • Metrics Phab Tickets
    • Estimates
    • Delivery Date


Our initial prototype of link previews has demonstrated that it improves user engagement (links clicked per session) by boosting the user's confidence that clicking links will provide a brief summary of the link, and perhaps even provide all the information the user needs, without having to navigate to the full article. Let's capitalize on this by improving the user experience of link previews, and augmenting it with more relevant information, so that the user never loses their context in the original article, and becomes even more engaged in learning about the various subjects linked from the article.

Goal Visibility

WMF quarterly goal.


The initial metrics of our link preview prototype has shown that link previews improve user engagement. User feedback and Play Store reviews also suggest a general user preference for link previews.

Success Metrics

The initial metrics showed an increase of engagement of about 25% (versus not seeing link previews) in our Beta users. We will have succeeded if we further increase engagement beyond this amount.

External Dependencies

The improved link previews will likely depend on the new Content Service, since the content service will provide the unique ability to structure article data in a way that is consumable by the link preview component in a simple and performant way.


Since this depends on the content service, this has the implied "unknown" of the scalability of the content service, and whether we'll be able to deploy this functionality to all our Beta users, before considering a staged rollout to production.

Product Plan


Prototypes to be provided by Design.


The link preview should contain the first paragraph of text, plus a natively-rendered table that contains information from the article's infobox (if available).

User Stories

User StoryTicket
A user should be able to use this featureTXXXXXX
A user should feel good after using this featureTXXXXXX

Metrics Implementation

Timeline Estimate

Prototyping1 week
User Testing2 weeks
Mockups2 weeks
Development2 weeks
Beta Testing1 week

Delivery Estimate

What is the estimated ship date to end users?

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