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Deploy CentralNotice schema change
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The easiest deployment procedure is probably the sql.php method from tin, documented here:

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Removing from the sprint, after discussion. This can happen much closer to the time we deploy the feature proper.

A slightly mutant BLOB version has been deployed to master hence betawiki, note that the rest of the migration has to happen in a second patch now.

Is this blocked on something that makes us want to wait?

It's deployed to the beta cluster, but not to production. It could be deployed to production (the BLOB issue mentioned above is OK, no need for a second patch), though I was thinking of waiting until we tested everything on the beta cluster... Just on the intuition of not wanting to send anything to production until the user-facing feature (in this case, banner history) has been seen working as promised on beta. It doesn't necessarily have to be that way, though....