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Let users set the color assigned to a wiki
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Similar to what phabricator does for priorities in e.g.

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It would be really nice if the user could choice individually, which colors schould be used, as an additional preference.

Forgot to link to this bug in the patchset, I've added it two days ago. I'm not too sure about the chosen colors. Currently it randomly assigns a color to a project with not option to change it.

Sitic renamed this task from Add a color to each watchlist entry representing the project to Let users set the color assigned to a wiki.Jul 15 2015, 12:48 PM
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Sadly this is stalled until this bug is fixed upstream:

@Sitic: I am resetting the assignee of this task because there has not been progress lately (please correct me if I am wrong!). Resetting the assignee avoids the impression that somebody is already working on this task. It also allows others to potentially work towards fixing this task. Please claim this task again when you plan to work on it (via Add Action...Assign / Claim in the dropdown menu) - it would be welcome! Thanks for your understanding.

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Sadly this is stalled until this bug is fixed upstream:

That happened a long time ago in hence resetting task status.

Crosswatch seems unmaintained and inactive (see T269703). You may want to use instead.