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Arithmetic CAPTCHA doesn't accept correct answer
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Author: brianna.laugher


We have received reports on Wikimedia Commons of the arithmetic CAPTCHA problem
not accepting the correct answer to allow anonymous editors to (for example) add
external URLs.

"79 - 3 = and 19 + 0 = both refused to accept 76 and 19, right now it's 74 + 8 =
and I'll try that without any URIs. Worked, but only because I removed my very
fake URI."

I tried to replicate the problem by logging out and adding URLs to a page, but I
wasn't able to. (all my correct answers were accepted.)

Is there anything I can ask this user ( ) to look for when
they have this problem, in order to identify more what it might be? Sorry this
is a pretty vague bug report.


Version: unspecified
Severity: normal
OS: Windows XP
Platform: PC



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brianna.laugher wrote:

I just added the line "You must have cookies enabled in your browser, otherwise
your answers to these tests will not be accepted." to MediaWiki:Captchahelp-text
on Commons. I suspect this might be a useful addition to the message on all sites.

robchur wrote:

I've updated the English default to include this in r18820, although this will
not appear on wikis with local copies.

brianna.laugher wrote:

Guess it is ok now, I will reopen if I get more reports of problems.