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File page not purged after deletion
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Filepage not purged after deletion (for a random example see file)

(File has been deleted at 00:17, 3 July 2015 but hours later not purged!)

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I have the same problem. We use redis as the main cache. MediaWiki 1.29

Several images were deleted normally by the web interface. However, one of them is stuck: The file is deleted (it's not on the public folder anymore) and it's not on the database neither (image table). However, viewing the file description page displays the image, the deletion log and the file revision log. Purging the page does not work.

(image is displayed because I have a CDN with long TTL)

I can even delete it again (although there's no delete button, I can access action=delete and perform the deletion again without errors):

Doing an imageinfo query api I get

    "batchcomplete": "",
    "query": {
        "pages": {
            "-1": {
                "ns": 6,
                "title": "Archivo:Al ataque fase 1 XY.png",
                "missing": "",
                "known": "",
                "imagerepository": "",
                "contentmodel": "wikitext",
                "pagelanguage": "es",
                "pagelanguagehtmlcode": "es",
                "pagelanguagedir": "ltr"

Nothing in DB

MariaDB [wikidexwiki]> select * from image where img_name = 'Al_ataque_fase_1_XY.png';
Empty set (0.00 sec)

I've found that the image info is on the cache, so for MediaWiki, when reading from the cache, the file is known:

$ sudo -u php-fpm-wikidex php /home/www/
> $t = Title::newFromText('Archivo:Al ataque fase 1 XY.png');

> $r = RepoGroup::singleton()->getLocalRepo();

> $f = LocalFile::newFromTitle($t, $r);

> $f->load( File::READ_LATEST );

> echo $f->exists();

> $f = LocalFile::newFromTitle($t, $r);

> $f->load( 0 );

> echo $f->exists();
> echo $f->getCacheKey();

Deleting the file again (as I said) doesn't remove it from the cache. action=purge doesn't neither. I think both actions should try to remove it from the cache, so it can be purged from the web interface.

I can't see anything related in the error and exception logs from the deletion time. Not sure why it wasn't purged the first time. Maybe a race condition somewhere.

I've tried also to $f->invalidateCache(); (from eval.php) but it didn't remove it from the cache neither. I had to execute $r->getMasterDB()->commit(); for it to be removed, because I found LocalFile::invalidateCache purges it only on transaction commit.

	 * Purge the file object/metadata cache
	public function invalidateCache() {
		$key = $this->getCacheKey();
		if ( !$key ) {

			function () use ( $key ) {
				ObjectCache::getMainWANInstance()->delete( $key );

Maybe the bug was related to this, transaction was never commited, or who knows...