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default disambiguationspage message not correctly parsed for ~10 languages
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The default disambiguationspage message parser in page.isDisambig does the following

message ='disambiguationspage').split(':', 1)[1]

That works well when the message content is 'Template:disambig' , which is very prevalent in the i18n messages, however it will fail for most of the following

$ git show d4018551b09b88b3b45bed3eb6b5d2828ade0bf9 | grep disambiguationspage | egrep -v '(Template:|disambiguations-text|This message)'
-'disambiguationspage' => 'সাঁচ:দ্ব্যৰ্থতা-দূৰীকৰণ',
-'disambiguationspage' => '{{ns:template}}:Milyoltaca',
-'disambiguationspage' => '{{ns:template}}:Čvor',
-'disambiguationspage' => 'Кеп:цхьатера маьӀна доцуш',
-'disambiguationspage' => '{{ns:template}}:disambig',
-'disambiguationspage' => 'Project:Σύνδεσμοι_προς_τις_σελίδες_αποσαφήνισης',
-'disambiguationspage' => '{{ns:project}}:Naisc_go_leathanaigh_idirdhealaithe',
-'disambiguationspage' => '{{ns:template}}:disambig',
-'disambiguationspage' => 'سانچہ: ڈسایمبگ',
-'disambiguationspage' => '{{ns:template}}:ايرىق',
-'disambiguationspage' => '{{ns:template}}:Айрық',
-'disambiguationspage' => '{{ns:template}}:Aýrıq',
-'disambiguationspage' => 'नमूना: निवारण',
-'disambiguationspage' => 'سانچہ: ڈسایمبگ',
-'disambiguationspage' => 'sujhi',
-'disambiguationspage' => '{{ns:template}}:disambig',
-'disambiguationspage' => 'ದ್ವಂದ್ವ ನಿವಾರಣೆ',
-'disambiguationspage' => 'Майык: уш-бажы билдинмес',
-'disambiguationspage' => 'سانچہ:ضدابہام',
-'disambiguationspage' => '{{ns:template}}:Disambig',

Most of those problems would be fixed by T103080: Link should recognise {{ns:Project}} in text if Link was used.

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