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Attempting to play Ogg audio files in Internet Explorer fails with a Java error
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I attempted to play the audio excerpt in on a Windows 7 computer with IE11 and some recent version of Java installed. (If you want to know the precise Java version number, ask me and I'll check for you.)

After clicking the play button, IE froze for a few seconds, then a Java message appeared, notifying me that due to Java's security settings (which I am pretty sure were set to the defaults) the applet could not be loaded. There was no sort of "ignore" or "accept the risk" option; I just had to click "OK" and put up with it.

My guess is that Java now requires all applets to be signed, and ours isn't. This means that Ogg audio appears to be unplayable on IE now, without installing an obscure and impossible-to-find addon.

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The java applet is indeed not working on current java versions; we've got a JavaScript replacement in the works that supports more modern browsers...

Ok, I've updated the ogv.js integration patches & demo site -- can you try the media samples at and confirm things work there?

Yes, the audio file on the Main Page (JS Bach Prelude on the harpsichord) plays in IE11. However, the file description page has no way to play the audio.

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Ok, this should be fixed now with last week's initial deployment of ogv.js to Wikipedia and Commons. :)

However there may be some "stuttering" on audio-only files in IE 10/11 (T108528), will try to get that worked out this week.