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Prominent switch between Latin script and Devanagari script for content and interface in the Goan Konkani Wikipedia (tracking)
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The Goan Konkani Wikipedia is used in both the Devanagari and Latin scripts, and it is not possible at present to change the Display Language (language of the menus) from gom-deva to gom-latn unless the user is logged in. Please add a tab for non-logged in users to change the interface language from Latin script to Devanagari script and vice-versa. Localisations exist for both gom-latn and gom-deva (both are 100% for MediaWiki most important messages) and such a tab exists at the Serbian Wikipedia.

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Such a tab exists in the Serbian Wikipedia because it implements a language converter. As far as I know, there is no such converter for Konkani, and it will be impossible to make one that works well because Devanagari doesn't have capital and small letters and Latin does.

You can use the language selector to switch the language. It's the gear icon near "Languages" in the sidebar.

If Konkani written in the Latin script is different as a language, then it should be a separate Wikipedia.

Assigning to The_Discoverer; please find sources providing grammatical rules for such a transliteration, otherwise this request is invalid.

Once you identify the transliteration method, a volunteer familiar with the grammar of the language needs to submit a language converter patch such as (with tests).

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Amire80, the language selector to switch the language (gear icon near "Languages" in the sidebar) doesn't work for non-logged in users, and that is the whole point of this task. If that had to work for non-logged in users, then this request would have been invalid.

Aklapper, I think the case is already documented on meta:Wikipedias in multiple writing systems.

Amire80 and Nemo bis, there have been proposals for a language converter, but none has been developed yet. So, as a first step, why cant we atleast have a simple mechanism to easily switch the interface localisations, which are already available from for non-logged in users?

Mjbmr recently made the tab on this test site which shows that yes, a script converter is possible.

As far as the capital and small letters are concerned, this is not a problem in the Latin->Devanagari direction, and in the Devanagari->Latin direction, is only a problem in the case of proper nouns, which would remain uncapitalised in the Latin, while the only other capitalisations that occur are at the beginning of sentences. I'm assuming the patch can handle that?

Another possible issue is that the transliterations for characters is different based on their position in the word (beginning, middle or end); can the patch handle this?

Konkani in different scripts is the same language, so there is no need for separate Wikipedias. The only problem is that most people can write just one script, and maybe read an additional one, so it's an accessibility issue.

So to summarise, the script converter can be a long-term goal, but let's begin with what we already have, and that is interface localisations. Let us have a simple method like a Tab or language selector button to allow non-logged in users to switch between gom-deva and gom-latn

a simple mechanism to easily switch the interface localisations

If you want the ULS language selector to be in personal toolbar position, as on etc., that's something you can probably achieve easily enough. This report got mixed with various stuff so I suggest to open a new, specific one for such a request if there is consensus for it.

I agree with you Nemo.

Please could you suggest what would be the best way to achieve the following aim:

a simple mechanism to easily switch the interface localisations for non-logged in users

If I'm not mistaken, the ULS language selector doesn't do anything if you're not logged in (and this behaviour is the same on all wikis).

I requested for a tab, because I felt that this is the best way from the user-friendliness point of view. Secondly, when we have a LanguageConverter in the future, the same tab could be used to invoke that too.

Regarding the consensus, you can see the Local community discussion

the ULS language selector doesn't do anything if you're not logged in (and this behaviour is the same on all wikis)

That's T58464 and it will not be solved for a single wiki, it's an issue of WMF being unable to figure out (who and) how to configure the code. For now you can install

The tab will not happen. The local discussion is too generic and focused on a specific solution rather than on the goals to achieve... Sigh I'll try to do without.

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Nemo, much of what you've done is Greek to me, but I know you're trying your best to help, and I'm grateful to you for that :)

..because Nemo knows what he's doing :)

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