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page generators for featured, former featured and good pages
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I think it would be useful to create page generators (in for pages which should remain at a consistent 'quality' level.

The following are currently in

  • featured articles (also in
  • former featured articles
  • good articles

Another page generator is

  • main page and any pages transcluded / linked from the main page

These are articles which should be maintained more frequently than other articles (daily), and they are a small subset of pages which *should* have no problems on any wiki, which means scripts (and a T104819: Pywikibot wiki health check) can emit an error if any degradation in quality occurs.

As they are a small subset, we may also be able to use them in Pywikibot-tests , and capture any write operation occurs and fail the test.

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Hm... site-specific generators?

Featured & Good articles are currently defined in (and soon using a Wikidata Q id for the category. This is Wikimedia specific, however T104821: Load settings from site would be a good way to solve that.