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Modify color scheme of ScoredRevisions.css
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I have been told that the color scheme of ScoredRevisions.js is a bit confusing particularly with FlaggedRevs using a similar color scheme. Perhaps a different color scheme would be most useful.

Might I also suggest having a new column for the scores. While highlight is nice, it isn't as obvious during a showcase. I'd propose adding a column before date but it could be added elsewhere too.

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Perhaps it should be easier for users to change their color scheme based on their choice of skin template. Can this be done with an additional line in global.js without too much difficulty?

The script adds one of 4 classes (sr-revert-high, sr-revert-medium, sr-revert-low or sr-revert-none) depending on the predicted probability of revert, so that users can use CSS to change the default style from ScoredRevisions.css (which just changes the background color for now). They can just copy ScoredRevisions.css as a start point and play with the styles as they like :-)


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@He7d3r is this done? It seems like it is done.

Well, I didn't do any chances to the color scheme. I just mentioned that it is customizable by the user, due to the presence of classes for each item.