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Incorrect 'not a partner' error on zero-dot
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Our partner 603-02 is configured for m-dot only, with Direct & Opera banners. When they go to, they get a 'not a partner' message (using the Opera browser - other browser status unknown).

The expected behavior is to redirect to m-dot when zero-dot not enabled for a partner.

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I have enabled 603-02 for my own IP ("2a02:2698:6c24:3437::/64"), and it worked perfectly from the computer, but did not work for Opera Mini from the phone. Than I noticed that Opera Mini connection used an IPv4 "". Adding that IP to the config began working in opera Mini after about 5 minutes - showed a language menu, not a warning screen.

In other words - unable to reproduce. Dan, please try to replicate it somehow, and than I will take a look again.

Also, when reporting this bug, please ask them to include the actual IPs shown in the message.

Ok, I will try it at home this evening. Thanks for checking it.