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This index may be useful for debugging purposes or when trying to contact the maintainers of a tool account. But it seems a bit out of place to put that on the front-page.

For discovery of web services it isn't very useful in is current form:

  • Too inflexible for tool authors to present themselves.
  • Contains many non-web services.
  • Contains irrelevant information (maintainer usernames) and managerial links.

For management and debug purposes, it works quite well:

  • List all tool account.
  • Maintainers with link to user page(s).
  • Link to the web service (if any).

Keeping this list for internal purposes (tool account index, contacting maintainers etc) at a separate url such as linked from the sidebar seems useful. But I'd recommend we trim down the home page to just the welcome message and some of the links.

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