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Convert animated images (animGIF, APNG) to HTML5 video
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Converting animated images to videos came up in a number of discussions (e.g. T85838, T85840, T101644) so let's have a dedicated place for discussion.

Videos have several advantages:

  • they tend to be much smaller (Gfycat shows original and converted sizes for popular animgifs, typically there is an 5x-20x size reduction)
  • ability to pause (T85838) / start in a paused state (T85840)
  • streaming
  • there are a number of low-level optimizations that probably won't happen for images (streaming, hardware acceleration)

The disadvantage is of course the lack of browser support (although still better than APNG - WebM support, APNG support).

ffmpeg can do the conversion.

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Are current support for video gives a rather poor user experiance imo. I think we should fix that first.