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[WLM] Create template for authors to provide required data
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Based on the assumption that a structure can be identified by at most two identifiers, we'd need a template that creates a link to the Upload Wizard containing the following parameters:

pageid - the id of the current page; can be generated by the magic word {{PAGEID}}
entryid - the id of the monument
subid - optional; the id of the structure, if entryid refers to a compound

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Template has been created (see pull request).

Changes to Extension:UploadWizard to process the GET parameter objref follows.

I've created a "Bilderwunsch" templated (based on other, similar templates already in WP DE). It can be seen at

I've edited the existing "Denkmalliste Bayern Tabellenzeile" template for Bavaria slightly to incorporate the new template. To see the difference, have look at

For a demo of the two templates in action see (copied from Liste der Baudenkmäler in Bad Wiessee)

Please review the templates to see if there are some changed needed.

I was about to mention the empty <includeonly></includeonly>, but it's not empty anmore. :)

Looks good to me.