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Publish to a Sandbox option in the CX new translation dialogue box
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In the "new translation" dialogue box (screenshot attached), it would be very useful to have a checkbox or other simple method to remind the translator that they're able to publish to a sandbox - where they can then continue to work with the wider variety of editing tools available in the normal editing environments before publishing to mainspace.

I realise that this is already possible. You just have to specify the destination as [username/article title] but it would be helpful if this was made an overt option. e.g. by having a "save to a sandbox" button. When clicked, all it would do is change the destination "translation title" to append [username/ ].

Having this simple function would remind people that they don't have to get it all perfect before publishing, and also help to defend against criticisms of people publishing un-translated articles straight into mainspace.

(please advise if I've not created this feature-request correctly!)

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In T133862 we propose to make it easy to switch the publishing destination. That would help making the options more visible as well as facilitating switching between them (e.g., first publishing under the user namespace and later publishing to the main namespace). I'd prefer that approach rather than asking at the time of creation since it may seem that it is an irreversible decision otherwise.