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Expose "actual watchers" as in "action=info" via API call {action: query, prop: info}
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this is a recently (as in 1.26wmf13) added enhancement to action=query, which is not yet available via API.
the field is called "visitedWatchers", and should probably require both new inprop value, as well as output field.

see T51506.


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This metric will help me generate a more meaningful WikiProject Watchers report

Further, having this information will help me evaluate the outcomes of my WikiProject work – using raw watchers is an unreliable metric, since some WikiProjects are several years old and have watchers who haven't edited in years.

Therefore, I would be happy to see "actual watcher" information exposed via the API. Thank you.

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whoever closes this ticket - i think it may be good idea to redefine it as:

all data available via


should be available via api call


whenever possible.
this will add a bunch of new "inprop" values, and should not affect any existing code not using those new values.


Anomie added a subscriber: Anomie.Jul 13 2015, 5:13 PM

Looking through it:

  • "Redirect target" is T31115.
  • "Default sort key" could be added easily enough, although when it's non-default it's already available from &prop=pageprops as 'defaultsort'.
  • "Page ID" isn't necessary from prop=info, since it's automatically returned by action=query itself.
  • "Indexing by robots" could be added, although it would have to duplicate much of the logic from Article::getRobotPolicy() to avoid having to instantiate 5000 Article objects.
  • "Number of redirects to this page" I'm not sure is terribly useful, if someone cares they could probably do better using prop=redirects.
  • "Counted as a content page" could be difficult to do efficiently since it requires loading the Content object.
  • "Number of subpages of this page" I'm not sure is terribly useful, if someone cares they could probably do better using list=allpages&apprefix=... (if meta=siteinfo reports the namespace has subpages enabled).
  • Category information is available from prop=categoryinfo.
  • Most of the edit history stuff is likely better done with prop=revisions. Total authors is prop=contributors. Recent bits, probably list=recentchanges&rctitle=...
  • "Magic words" are in prop=pageprops.
  • "Hidden categories" are prop=categories.
  • "Transcluded templates" is prop=templates.
  • "Pages transcluded on" is prop=transcludedin.
  • A hook parallel to 'InfoAction' could be useful, although some of it (e.g. the page image) are better done via their existing prop modules (e.g. prop=pageimage).
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Change 263162 had a related patch set uploaded (by Sn1per):
Expose visitedwatchers to API through action=query&prop=info

Change 263162 merged by jenkins-bot:
Expose visitingwatchers to API through action=query&prop=info

Anomie closed this task as Resolved.Jan 27 2016, 5:56 PM

Change 274966 had a related patch set uploaded (by Krinkle):
api: Avoid bad query when $unwatchedPageThreshold is not set

Change 274966 abandoned by Krinkle:
api: Avoid bad query when $unwatchedPageThreshold is not set

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