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Rename nds projects to nds-de
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Author: servien

Is it possible to rename "" to "", this is necessary
because we would like to make "" a portal directing to "nds-de" and "nds-
nl", since there are 2 versions of the Low Saxon Wikipedia's (with both equal status).
The one (nds-nl) looks more like Dutch and the dialects used here are from the East and
North part of the Netherlands. The other one, which looks more like German, uses dialects
from pretty much the whole North of Germany.

There has been a vote about this matter (been held for two weeks) and ends tomorrow
During these two weeks only 1 person voted, but several people from the nds-wikipedia did
encourage me to request the name change as seen in the discussion above and some private
conversations early last year.

For more information contact one of the admins at


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ayg wrote:

First of all, is there an official language code for this anywhere? We've made
up enough of our own already.

servien wrote:

I've asked the commission for ISO codes a while back what the language code for Low
Saxon spoken in The Netherlands or Low Saxon spoken in Germany would be, they told be
the language code and the country code can be used. So nds-nl (which already exists)
and nds-de (to be changed) are official codes.

servien wrote:

Three people have voted so far and the vote has ended a (couple of) weeks ago. The
result is 2 support and 1 oppose (this is because the German Wikipedia mentioned
Dutch Low Saxon was seen as a Dutch dialect by linguists instead of Low Saxon, this
is not true and has been deleted).

If someone could rename this Wikipedia that would be great! Now a lot of people don't
reach the nds-nl wiki I'm afraid :-(

Thanks in advance!


servien wrote:

Is there anyone who can carry out this request? If so please let me know. And if
anyone knows how to set-up the new nds domain, info and advice is welcome. The name
of the obviously stays the same (Plattdüütsch)

servien wrote:

I requested renaming the nds-wiki 3 months ago. I haven't really gotten an answer
from anyone (not to mention any plan of action being set up). Please let us know
when/if this can be done!

ayg wrote:

You'll probably have to bother Brion about it. Or maybe Tim. IRC may be the best bet (irc://, nicks brion and TimStarling respectively), but e-mail may also work
(you can find those by Googling, presumably). This kind of thing requires a bit of fiddling to get
everything to work right, only a handful of people have the access to do it, and our procedures for
dealing with such requests tend to be "it happens when someone appropriate notices it and feels he
has time" at present.

bugs wrote:

(Moving all of this from the mailing list archives to Bugzilla so things actually get done and don't get list.)

From Brion's list of language codes to rename:

Low German -> -> -> ->

Reasoning: Disambiguation of country variants to create a portal site
( exists as well).

The original request is almost 2 years old and didn't seem to have any
clear consensus; is this still desired?

Creating a portal site could cause difficulties with URL compatibility,
and I don't really recommend making this change without clear consensus
from the community there.

Note that includes a link on the front page to

bugs wrote:

Hmm, seems there there was another post saying that the community was against it and there's more to it than just renaming some of those sites to nds-de:

It's probably best that this language code is left alone.

jeluf wrote:

No community approval => closed.

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