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References section created with complex div tags in Content Translation
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Related to T105483.
When I imported the references section from Catalan to English it converted very awkwardly in the code, even though the visual output looks the same.

The original code looked like this:


But the output from the Content Translation tool in english wikipedia looked like this:

<div class="reflist" id="cx481" style=" list-style-type:decimal;" data-source="481" data-cx-state="source" data-cx-weight="28" contenteditable="true">
<references /></div>

Here's the relevant diff:

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You wont see the data attributes and contenteditabe in the div now since we remove it before publishing. The div may be still there because of differences in adaptation between reflist template and <references/>. We are working on improving the general template support in CX. More at

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Checked in CX2 along with other tickets on reference issues, e.g. T109174: ContentTranslation inserts HTML source when adapting {{Cite journal}} from English to Czech, Chinese ). The references and reference list handled different without many issues that were reported in CX1.