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Implement abandoning tasks in Wikilabels
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Steps to test:

  1. Disable your gadget
  2. Go to WP:Labels in English Wikipedia or Portuguese Wikipedia
  3. Run this code in console:
(function(mw, $){
		// Check if we should try to load Wiki Labels
			mw.loader.load( '//', 'text/css' );
							wikiLabels.config.update( {
								serverRoot: '//'
							} );
							wikiLabels.home = new wikiLabels.Home($('#wikilabels-home'));
}(mediaWiki, jQuery));
  1. While using OAuth, you need to change URL from labels-staging to labels-experiment

That's the loader from labels-experiment which does have several PRs merged in it.

I swept "Save" and "Abandon" buttons.