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Merge "oo-ui-icon", "oo-ui-indicator" and "oo-ui-texture" into a single "oo-ui-img" CSS namespace
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  1. Come up with a naming scheme that defines a set of words that can be added to image names to describe their purpose, as distinct from their content or their probable placement (talk to Trevor and James for more details)
  2. Rename indicators and textures according to avoid conflicts with icon names according to the new new naming rules
  3. Update all uses of .setIndicator( x )/.setTexture( x ) and { indicator: x }/{ texture: x } where x will need to reflect changes made in step 2
  4. Consider removing icon/indicator/texture classification from image generation config and ResourceLoaderImageModule
  5. Profit

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I actually don't understand what exactly is to be done here, nor what benefit it would bring.

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